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Maternity pass cover

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Custom made organizer with space for all important maternity documents like maternity pass, ultrasound pictures, health insurance card, vaccination book and much more!

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Why Choose Our Maternity Pass Cover?


Perfect size

Perfect dimensions for your maternity pass with protective cover, ultrasound pictures, insurance card, vaccination pass, business cards and other important maternity documents.


Premium quality

Our Maternity pass cover is created with love and passion and made of high quality, robust, ecological and dirt-repellent mix felt with detailed embroidering.


Easily closable

We use a robust and decorated rubber band to close our maternity passport cover instead of the easily breakable button system. You can even open and close it with one hand!


Unique design

An unforgettable made in Germany design with a meticulous choice of pockets for all your documents and a sweet embroidering „Mit dir beginnt ein traumhaftes Leben“.


A window to life

The transparent window for the ultrasound image is made of non-sticky material. This way your ultrasound pictures will never break and you can admire your baby's picture every day!


Extra gift for you

with this product you get 2 checklists and a priceless 100 pages digital manual with info and tips for ALL steps of your pregnancy and your life with your baby!


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A treasure chest to protect the precious memories of your pregnancy

You are going to start the most joyful part of your life. Pregnancy thrills you and sounds like a clock ticking waiting for you to receive the best gift that life can give you: your Baby. And for this you received now your proud document, the Maternity Pass.

On your side in this wonderful path as a mother, you need a personalized companion who reminds you the beauty of pregnancy in every moment and jealously preserves all your memories of this unforgettable time: our Maternity Pass Cover.

We are glad to present you our premium Maternity Pass Cover, which has been carefully designed in our Creative Studio in Germany with love, passion, and a particular attention to quality, longevity and functionality. Because we want our product to help you remembering  your pregnancy as an amazing period of your life.

High quality and flawless design

Our custom-made Maternity Document Organizer consists of a high quality, strong and dirt-repellent mix felt which is ecologically harmless, graced by beautiful embroidering and usable for baby boys or girls.

The sweet statement embroidered in the front „Mit dir beginnt ein traumhaftes Leben“ accompanies a beautiful logo usable for baby boys or girls. The internal inscription “Wir warten auf dich” flutters above the Ultrasound picture compartment, where you will preserve the pictures of your beautiful miracle. A meticulous choice of compact pockets gives you space for all the documents you need, while keeping the elegance of a compact organizer.

Perfect size for all your documents

The size of this Maternity Pass Cover is optimized to fit all the important documents for your pregnancy: German or Austrian* maternity pass (even with the protective cover if you want to keep it), ultrasound images, insurance card, vaccination pass, doctor and midwife business cards and much more!

Moreover we created a transparent window with special not sticky material for the ultrasound picture compartment, so that you will be able to see the picture of your baby every day!

*Please be aware that the Austrian maternity pass is smaller than the German, but better to have more space than not enough!

Easily and securely closable

Instead of using a button closing system, which often breaks and is not easily openable, our Maternity Pass Cover uses a robust rubber band to keep all your documents secure! You’ll experience how easy it is to open and close this Organizer, without ever breaking it!

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Plus an extra gift for you, dear mama!

You can imagine how hard it is to keep track of everything that must be done during pregnancy and after, from the technical bureaucracy, the medical tests and pregnancy courses, to the preparation for the day of birth and all the equipment and clothes for your baby and his room.

To make your life easy, we give you completely FOR FREE 2 checklists and a priceless 100 pages digital manual with clear instructions and tips for ALL steps of your pregnancy and after. Especially the manual will be a vital reference for all the steps of your beautiful journey.

Dear mama, we hope our Maternity Pass Cover can help you on this beautiful journey and we want to wish you the most splendid pregnancy a mother could have and a wonderful life with the magnificent creature you are awaiting. Life is beautiful when spent with people you love, and a kid will give your life so much happiness you can’t even imagine.

All the best to you, from

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Get 5% off!

Maternity pass cover

Limited items available at this Price

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Product available at Amazon

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Great Service!!!

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Beautiful maternity pass cover 🙂

I bought the maternity pass cover and I'm enthusiastic! The product is really well done and high quality, besides it got a lot of additional gifts like checklists and a huge pdf file about maternity!

Funda Citak

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