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The History Behind Our Company

We are a young company based in Germany, born with one desire:

create value for people.

We are a family, and we believe family to be an essential value for every human being. For this reason we decided that we want to develop a Portfolio of different products for families and household, with a particular focus on kids.

We strive to develop good products, and we humbly try to improve them thanks to your feedback.

Because an added value for us is an added value for our Customers.

Who we are - about us
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Our Values

People: A successful business is not made of numbers, but of people.

Trust: without trust we are just individuals running their way in life.

Responsibility: doing our best is not enough. We do mistakes, and for every mistake we take responsibility.

Quality: we strive to find the perfect balance between quality and affordability. Because we care about you.

The Right People for the Right Jobs

Our Team is glad to offer you technical support for whatever problem you might have.

There is one thing we want you to know about us. We work every day with one true aim:

Do our best to make you happy.

We will do everything in our power to help you! So don't hesitate to contact us.

Riccardo D'Agostino Avatar About Us

Riccardo D'Agostino
Founder and CEO

«In our company we see customers as a family, because that's how they deserve to be treated.»

Xenia Schiavone Avatar About Us

Xenia Schiavone
Marketing Manager

«DAGOline is more than a brand. It lies on the strongest foundation: the desire to make you happy. And this is what we believe in.»

Nicola Secci Avatar About Us

Nicola Secci
Design Manager

«We don't want to sell "things". We want to give an experience, a companion for you, your home or your kids.»

Our team will be always available to listen to your needs.

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